Friday, July 20, 2012

Serious Billiard Chalk

Sang Lee Chalk is serious billiard chalk. It is professionally formulated and packaged for consistency and fewer miscues. It comes encased in its own moisture-shielding protective carrying case with a desiccant.*

"In order to play 3-cushion, good chalk is of utmost importance. Using lots of english and high speed makes the perfect moisture necessary. The SANG LEE CHALK is delivered with a moisture equalizing bag and the best I have ever used."    -Torbjorn Blomdahl, World Champion

*Beware of Stale Chalk

Sang Lee Chalk is the choice of many top-level 3-cushion billiard players who depend on their tip-to-ball contact to be completely reliable. There is absolutely no room for unwanted moisture to seep into your chalk when exact strokes and precise spins are what you demand.

Insist on Sang Lee Chalk as Torbjorn Blomdahl does.

Sang Lee Sightings

Martin Horn played an amazing quarter-final match in the 2012 AGIPI Masters against Dick Jaspers on Kozoom. He started using a different brand of chalk and fell far behind in the match. Then he switched to Sang Lee Chalk and ran a 14! Coincidence, perhaps, but it seems that he, and many other top professional 3-cushion champions, trust Sang Lee Chalk for their most crucial innings.

I Love Sang Lee Chalk Gallery

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